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Your first visit is a free chiropractic consultation to evaluate your health status and a chance for us to get to know each other.  We want you to be comfortable and relaxed when you come in for your consultation. PLEASE do not worry about being “roped into a crazy expensive plan” that you “probably can’t afford” and “probably has hidden costs.”  At Gull Lake Chiropractic, your healthcare decisions are completely up to you.  We are a relaxed, family run office that only has your health in mind.  You can receive chiropractic treatment as little or as much as you like.   We are here to make you feel better and to help improve the quality of life for you and your family.

We understand that your first visit to a chiropractor can be stressful.  Our friendly office staff and relaxing massage chairs will hopefully help to put your mind at ease. 

Preparing the Foundation

Chiropractic care is like building your dream house.   We first have to prepare the ground and lay a strong foundation before we can build the walls.  It won’t do you any good to install your dream cherry hardwood floors and hang up your new fabulous curtains without first preparing the home’s foundation.  Your home’s strength is dependent upon the strength of your foundation.  The same is true with your body.  It needs to heal correctly with a particular chiropractic care plan so it can become strong. 

Phase 1- Relief Care (Let’s Feel Better!)

Most people visit a chiropractor for the first time due to pain.  So our first objective is to identify the cause of the pain and address it so you feel better.  Depending upon the severity of your pain and health situation, you may need to visit us at Gull Lake Chiropractic 2-3 times a week in the beginning.  But we will determine that together during your first visit.

Phase 2- Corrective Care 

During corrective care, Dr. Thomas will work with you to coax your muscles and tissues to heal.  This process is a vital step in your future total body wellness.  Even though the immediate pain may be gone, its very important to allow your body to heal so it can be the best and strongest it can be.  This step prevents future injury to your body.  Depending on the severity of your situation, you will work with the Dr. to determine your health care plan.  Generally patients will visit Gull Lake Chiropractic 6-8 times per month.

Phase 3- Wellness Care 

Now that your body is healing and you are feeling stronger, we bet your smile has returned!  It’s very important to stop in periodically, typically once a week, to maintain your alignment to ensure your correct wellness path.  It’s also a great time to discuss any concerns with Dr. Thomas.  When you make chiropractic care a part of your lifestyle along with eating healthy and an exercise regimine, you will avoid aches and pains that life throws in your direction.    A happy family makes a happy life! Lets stay healthy and happy together!

Our name is a statement of the broad range of health care programs available at  Gull Lake Chiropractic.  Our office strives for total body wellness which includes: 

  • Complete family chiropractic care
  • Decompression Therapy
  • Cold laser
  • Massage therapy and programs
  • Weight management and exercise
  • Foot pain management and solutions
  • Orthotics
  • Braces and support units
  • Nutritional support products

  • The spinal decompression therapy that I have received on a weekly basis has helped relieve the pain in my back so that I can enjoy my activities that I want to pursue. I highly recommend this kind of treatment.

    Phyllis Kalkowski

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  • I have been suffering from hip and low back pain for the past 20 years. Over the last 3 years it has been quite severe. I have been seen by several specialists which includes surgeons and pain management injection specialist, none of which have offered any relief. I have been treating with Gull Lake Chiropractic over the last six months. I can honestly say I have returned my old self again. I am able to do my own yard work, cut wood, and my garden has never looked better. I am so grateful for the help I have received. I will continue to maintain my health through chiropractic care because now I understand the importance of balancing the muscular and neurologic system.  

    Jim Steve

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